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Timber Framed Trusses

Timber framed king post truss with struts

King Post Truss with Struts

What’s in a name? The king post truss is royalty through and through. Its presence evokes elegance while its construction boasts strength and versatility. The king post stands tall at the center of the design supported by a pair of struts. Mortise and tenon joints, known for the fortitude and durability hold the truss together.

King and Queen Post Truss with Struts

The king and queen post truss with struts is a variation of the popular king post truss design that is well-suited for longer spans. This design features a central king post that is supported by a pair of struts as well as two queen posts that are located on either side of the truss. The truss, as with the solo king post truss with struts, is held together using traditional sturdy mortise and tenon joints.

Timbe framed king and queen post truss with struts