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Hand cut joinery

What is hand cut joinery?

Cutting joinery out of full timbers involves reducing the size and shape of the timbers to create the desired joints and connections. A variety of tools can be used for this process, including power saws and drills as well as hand tools like chisels, mallets and planes. The choice of tools will depend on the size and type of timber as well as the level of detail and precision required.

hand cut cedar timber framed porch roof rafter joinery hand cut timber framed rafters and rafter pocket

CNC cut joinery

CNC, or computer numerical control, cutting is a process that uses a computer to control the movement of machine tools, such as routers, cutting heads and saws, to produce precise joinery. In timber frame joinery, CNC cutting is used to create precise, repeatable cuts in timber pieces for joints and connections in the frame. It has several advantages including precise cuts, efficiency and the ability to manufacture complex shapes. However, it can be more expensive than hand-cutting and may not offer the same level of customization.

At Wood House Carpentry, we believe that the human touch is essential in creating high-quality timber frame components. That's why we rely on the skills and expertise of our skilled craftsmen to create beautiful and functional joints, rather than relying solely on machines.

Our craftsmen use a combination of modern technology and traditional hand tools to shape and join the timbers, ensuring that every component meets our high standards for quality and durability. Relying on the expertise of our craftsmen, we can create exceptional timber frame components that are strong, beautiful and long-lasting. This human touch is what sets us apart from other timber frame manufacturers and it allows us to create truly unique and custom products for our customers.

timber framing chisel
timber framed beam housing with spline mortise
white oak timber frame tenon
timber framed wedged through tenon