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Timber Framing Ideas

Drawing timber framed subdivision sign


Drawing timber framed porch roof

Entry Ways

Drawing timber framed bracket


Drawing timber framed roof truss



Timber frame addition

Add space and value to a home? Yes, please! Incorporating timber framing into an addition yields high-quality and long-lasting construction with a unique aesthetic that will be around for years to come.


Timber frame shed

A timber-framed shed is a fantastic addition to any backyard or garden space. Not only is it a functional storage solution, but it also brings a touch of rustic charm to your outdoor area. Whether you're looking to store your gardening tools or create a cozy retreat, a timber-framed shed is a wonderful choice.

Outdoor Kitchens

Timber framed outdoor kitchen

Timber framed outdoor kitchens enhance outdoor living spaces. It transfers the convenience of indoor cooking to the outdoors and extends a home’s gathering spaces. Timbers serve as the primary element to create an outdoor kitchen space, which can include features such as a grill, countertops and storage areas.


Timber framed pergola

Pergolas are often used to provide shade, moderate shelter and frame outdoor living spaces. Timber framing takes a pergola from ordinary to extraordinary. Just a glimpse beckons hosts and guests to relax, dine and generally just share some merriment.


Timber framed stairways

A timber staircase offers a natural, warm look as well as the ability to withstand non-stop scampering, day-after-day, with ease and for a long time to come. Staircases are constructed using high-quality heavy timbers and joinery.


Timber framed pavilion

Pavilions act as a catalyst that brings communities together. Timber-framed pavilions bring communities together in style and confidence. Perfect for hosting events, providing shelter or just acting as a general gathering place, public pavilions can be as beautiful as functional.