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Timber Framing Installation

Onsite Installation

Choosing Wood House Carpentry for your timber framing project means that every aspect of your project remains in the same hands. This approach delivers consistency. Nothing gets lost in translation or transition from one person to another. As such, the final phase of timber framing, installation, is performed with the same exceptional quality and attention to detail as when the project began. Each stage of the project relies on the prior stage to ensure a flawless installation resulting in a feast for the eyes and soul. Whether you are looking for pergola, porch roof, or adding an addition to an existing home, our team has the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Timber framing commander Timber framed beam with rafter pockets

Components Delivered

While we prefer to keep our hands on the entire timber framing process, in certain cases, passing the baton makes sense. Those cases include building projects that require heavy equipment such as a crane, when the crew possesses the expertise, and when the element is repeated in a large building project. As an example, using a crane onsite can make the process easier and more efficient, as it allows the components to be lifted and placed into position quickly and safely.

Pre-assembling timber framed components, such as trusses or parts of a frame, are prefabricated offsite in our workshop and then delivered to the construction site for installation. This approach is cost-effective and efficient for several reasons. It allows for more precise and accurate construction because the parts can be carefully measured and cut in a controlled environment. It reduces the need for onsite cutting and fitting of materials, which in turn saves time and money.

Additionally, pre-assembling the frame in the shop allows the same craftspeople who cut the frame to also put it up, which improves efficiency and reduces the need for multiple skilled tradespeople on the construction site. This also reduces the risk of errors or mistakes during the construction process.

Overall, pre-assembling parts of a frame in the shop is a valuable approach for many construction projects, particularly those that require a high level of accuracy or have tight deadlines.

Crane boom bending and flexing
Cable winch pulling timber frame joinery together
Carpenter timber framer on roof install purlins
Crane headache ball with strap