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At Wood House Carpentry, we specialize in all things carpentry. From custom cabinets and millwork to tongue and groove installations. We have the skills and expertise to handle any project. Our team is also proficient in interior trim and staircase work, ensuring that every detail of your project is cohesive and completed to the highest standard. Whether you need help with a small renovation or a full-scale building project, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help bring your vision to life.

Worm drive circular saw used for timber framing Timber frame rafter pocket layout and checked

Carpenter goes Timber Framer

As a carpenter with 23 years of experience, I have a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in the woodworking trade. I have taken on a variety of carpentry projects over the years, allowing me to become proficient in many different aspects of the trade. This diverse background has prepared me to take on timber framing projects and complete them from start to finish without the need to bring in additional contractors. My comprehensive understanding of carpentry allows me to bring a unique perspective and skill set to every project.

We follow a specific workflow to ensure every project runs smoothly from concept to completion. Before any work begins, we take the time to thoroughly understand the project and create a detailed design plan. Once the materials arrive at the workshop, we start the construction process. For timber framing projects, much of the work is completed in the workshop before it is shipped or transported to the jobsite for installation. This means that you may not see much progress on your project until the sitework begins, but rest assured that we are working diligently in the workshop to prepare everything for an effortless and efficient installation process. Once the sitework begins, progress on your project will move quickly.

String line on timber
Timber frame chain mortiser
Straps holding timber joint together
DeWalt cord drill drilling timber frame peg holes