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Past Projects

Ranch Entrance

Located outside of Cleveland, Ohio, showcases the timeless beauty of timber framing and natural materials. Crafted from white pine harvested on-site, this picturesque gateway is designed with the aspect ratio of a camera, making it an ideal backdrop for wedding photos. The timber frame construction, featuring hand-cut joinery, highlights the meticulous craftsmanship. Serving as a transition point between the lawn and patio area, the Ranch Entrance creates a seamless flow, inviting guests to appreciate the beauty of nature and the enduring charm of traditional craftsmanship.

Porch Columns

Porch columns constructed from a composite material called Extira offer an excellent alternative to traditional wood. At our shop, we take pride in milling all the millwork from Extira to ensure quality and precision. These columns are built using true rail and stile construction, showcasing their craftsmanship and durability. One of the most remarkable aspects of these columns is their ability to provide ample curb appeal without the need for ongoing maintenance.

Pine Porch Columns

Pine porch columns are a popular choice for homeowners looking to embrace the Craftsman style. Their simple design adds a tremendous amount of curb appeal to any home. It's important to note that wood naturally expands and contracts with changing seasons and humidity. To accommodate this, I intentionally left small gaps between each layer of wrapping. These gaps are strategically placed where they won't be visible, ensuring both functionality and an aesthetically pleasing appearance for your porch columns.

A Garden Gate

Tucked between reeds and cattails, this gate exhibits old world charm clad with mortise and tenon joinery, Penofin stain and seal, and finishing touches of steel hardware directly from a blacksmith supply company. From the house, this gate symbolizes a passageway to the wet and wonderful world of water sports. Seen from the lake, the gate is a beacon leading fresh water frolickers home.

Timber Frame Sign

Solid white oak harvested and milled by a local Sawyer, this timber frame sign is functional, aesthetically pleasing and durable. Prominently marking the West Acres subdivision, residents and guests easily find the entrance. And they'll be able to find it for decades to come. Steel is used for weight-bearing and the transition from concrete to wooden post. No wood enters the ground, which increases the longevity of the wood.

Timber Frame Porch Roof

Form, function and craftsmanship combine to create a fabulous entry. Crafted completely from Michigan white cedar, this timber framed porch roof uses very few fasteners. Instead it relies joinery and design. The posts are 6”x6” with plates and tie beams. The rafters, made from 4”x6” timbers with braces and girts, use a joint that gets tighter with more weight. Look up and find the tongue and groove ceiling as appealing as the straight on view. This is a great example of how going old school can give a whole new look (and life) to an exterior.

Stairway on a budget

Low budget doesn't need to result in low quality. Even the seemingly smallest transformations, such as new stairs shown here, yield great results. Wood House Carpentry sourced quality, budget conscious material while keeping its high standards for craftsmanship. For instance, the treads have a milled nosing and are set into a milled groove (or dado) in the face of the riser for superior strength. Additionally, the treads and riser go into a mortised stringer which provides durability as well as beauty.

Oak Entry Door

Entry doors add to the curb appeal and help set the tone when entering a home or business. The custom door, shown here, contributes to the home's facade while incorporating hearty notes to keep unwanted elements outdoors. Crafted entirely in the Wood House workshop, the door is solid oak with a laminated oak core. A 3/16” book-matched oak veneer gives the look of solid wood. While solid wood is preferable in certain applications, for an exterior door it's not practical. A solid wood exterior door has a tendency to twist, cup, warp or crack. Custom made poplar door jambs, replaceable weather stripping, and aluminum threshold bring all the pieces together for a perfect fit.

Built in Cabinets

What makes a house a home? Certainly, it is the people, but it's also functional and decorative elements that become an extension of the human element. Custom, built-in cabinets add a high-end look and feel while boosting a room's functionality. These cabinets, constructed of clear maple drawers with dovetail joinery, soft-close Blum hardware, professionally painted hardwood face frame and drawer faces, provide concealed and open storage, seating, and a place for a gas fireplace.

A Red Shed

Whether it's form following function or function following form, this barn-inspired 10' x 12' shed serves both. Practically speaking, this structure houses a lawn mower and other tools and equipment in their off-season. Imaginatively, seen from the home's rear window, the shed sits in the center of a bucolic scene.

Man Cave Shed

Welcome to the “19th Hole.” An outdoor, above-ground, golf-themed man cave serves as a gathering place for friends, neighbors and family. Complete with a cedar bar, tongue-and-groove cedar walls, hops-growing planter boxes, a shade arbor, storage elements and room big enough for a ping pong table, poker table and flat screen TV. This shed is like no other.